Single Hill Brewing

With Yakima producing nearly 80% of the US Hops, we take our beer very seriously. Brewers from around the world come to Yakima every year to purchase hops and research new varieties. Hops and beer have become part of the fabric of Yakima. That’s a lot of pressure for an up-and-coming local brewery. Single Hill founders were determined to get it right from the start. FG helped Single Hill develop a brand that positioned them as a fresh, bold, professional brewery. We helped them build the foundation from which they could grow and evolve.


In December of 2019, the Brewers Association reported that over 7,500 breweries opened in the US over the previous decade. Single Hill needed a brand that would help them stand out in the ever-growing marketplace. As they approached investors, Single Hill needed a brand that would bring credibility and professionalism to their vision.


The goal was to create a unique brand that stood out, was instantly recognizable, and helped set Single Hill apart as bold, professional, and invested in—
not just brewing beer, but developing unique flavors that would appeal to a wide variety of audiences.


Our creative director worked very closely with Single Hill owners to create an identity that matched their vision. Often breweries tend to adopt variations of green to reflect hops and agriculture. Their approach was to tie Single Hill to a color that stood out from the sea of green common within the industry. In addition, we incorporated their concept of using more geometric rather than organic imagery within their brand. While still depicting the hills surrounding the Yakima Valley, Single Hill’s distinctive logo uses bold lines and angles—a contrast to a number of other brewery identities.


People easily identify the bright blue, unique shape of the Single Hill logo among the many tap handles in restaurants and tap rooms throughout the region. As taps rotate, the logo provides a foundation of trust that the beer is from a credible, professional brewery—helping Single Hill expand their reach and introduce new products to loyal followers outside, as well as inside, their brewery.