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Describe yourself if three words: Heart-centered, Curious, Sleeve-roller-upper

Describe what you do at FG:

I’m a writer, a list-maker, and a list-checker-offer. This means a lot of writing, communicating, information collecting, and bird-dogging. In short, I put the wheels in motion and keep them in motion. I also provide the occasional laugh in meetings.

What’s your creative advice?

Get down all the ideas without hesitation or self-judgment. Then, the real art is in the editing.

If you were a punctuation mark what would you be? Why?

The em dash. It holds the power of poetry and pause….and punctuation. That’s a lot of alliteration. I couldn’t help myself.

What makes you look forward to coming to work?

My coworkers have become my friends. They are big-hearted. I love them and care about them.