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Playing Our Part | Clients & Community

Supporting our clients and seeing them succeed isn’t just a byproduct of our efforts—it’s the reason we come to work each day. When we talk as a team about our clients and daydream about future clients, we’re wide awake to the impact they make in our community.

Become an Educated Consumer in the Market of Political Rhetoric

It’s hard to watch the news these days without being overcome with emotions. So many people are struggling in so many ways. What is truly painful, however, is to watch life-altering situations that affect us all become political volleyballs being lobbed back and forth to gain partisan points. But that’s what’s intended—to enflame our emotions and drive us to react emotionally. In marketing—we try to make an emotional connection that influences a desired outcome. And in reality, politics is marketing.

Remote Networking - Tips for Making Meaningful Connections

Starting to feel like you're on a couch island? Here are three strategic ways we're keeping work coming in while working remotely.

Liz Longbottom

Liz Longbottom is FG's receptionist extraordinaire.

Christen Cook

Christen Cook is one of FG's project managers.

Jonathan Weedin

Jonathan Weedin is Chief Nerd Officer at Field Group.

Brianna Dauenhauer

Brianna Dauenhauer is FG's Production Manager

Keely Murphy Pickerel

Keely Murphy Pickerel is one of FG's project managers.

Kristin Mattie

Kristin Mattie is FG's Creative Director

Megan Schrenk

Megan Schrenk is an account manager at Field Group

Nicole Donegan

Nicole Donegan is FG's Chief Cat Herder

Sarah Garcia

Sarah Garcia is FG's rock.