Standing Out

Do you really need to be super special? Well, dry cleaners, gas stations, and car washes don’t usually need signs the size of Godzilla to attract customers. But, let’s face it—most businesses need to make a real name for themselves, to be a head above the rest.

Blending in might as well be a death sentence. Ok, that’s a little extreme, but let’s not diminish the importance of standing out.

Ways to Stand Out

Be the first. Sure, this is easier said than done. But, anticipating needs and being the first to meet them speaks volumes and makes your business the “go to.” Take a good hard look at your target. If you think you’re hitting the mark pretty well, that’s great. Now take a good hard look just outside of your target and think of ways you might expand.

Get Really Good. This seems obvious, but making sure you’re the best at what you do is paramount. Train your staff, research current happenings in your market, and get serious about quality control. From stellar customer service to really knowing your stuff, putting some extra effort into your business is going to make you better and better. Customers notice these things.

Have a Great Brand. You can read this blog post about branding. Basically, we’re talking about your name, logo, colors, typeface, and signage. It’s got to be sharp. It’s got to say “you.” It has to be consistent. Think of the Nike swoosh. That’s what we mean. Establishing a strong brand is important because it personifies your business. Suddenly, your business is somebody. It’s recognizable. It speaks to your audience with its style. Consider your brand the stylish megaphone of your business. It announces your presence. Make sure your brand is saying what you want.

Go the Extra Mile. We’re talking about those extras that make your business memorable and make it a luxury. Look at what your competitors are doing and do more. This could be a fancy chocolate left with the check at your restaurant, or different interesting music in the bathroom. It might mean complimentary beverages at your boutique. How about offering better pictures and descriptions on your website? Once, I had my leftovers at a restaurant wrapped in tin foil that looked like a tall, sleek, devil-may-care cat. I mean, that’s pretty great. It doesn’t have to be very expensive, just think of small ways to make your business an experience.

Be Savvy with your Advertising Avenues

 You’ll need to market your business in a way that makes sense for reaching your target audience in order to stand out. So, if you have a super niche customer like say, seniors interested in clay classes, it’s not going to make sense to use a billboard to advertise. But, what if you’re a hotel? Go crazy with the billboards! What we mean is, be smart about how you spend your advertising dollars so that you can get your business right to the ear of your dream customers. Read more about that here.

For more pro tips, give us a call. Helping you stand out is our business.


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