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Your entire marketing budget could be going to waste if you don’t have proper signage at your business’ physical location. You might design an awe-inspiring website, newspaper ads, and direct mail, but if the logo on your sign doesn’t match the logo on all those other pieces, people will be confused when they try to find your store. They might even get lost and drive circles around you.

It’s super important to have good signage. This is your first real impression; this is the test where your customers see what your business is really all about (rather than just what those crazy marketing people tell them in ads).

According to a study by FedEx Office1 over half of the responders said they would not enter a business with a poorly made sign. This means you can spend a lot of money on newspaper, radio, and online ads, but if people show up to your physical location they might turn around and leave because your sign scares them.

So what makes a good sign you ask? Start with your logo, but only if it’s clear, easy to read, and tells what you do. If your logo won’t work, just include your business name in clear lettering. Unless you’re Apple Inc., your sign should also include what you do. Here’s an easy peasy example:

Field Group

Advertising and Marketing

This is a good sign

If you have a mascot character or something similar that you have used in other marketing (say, a banana that dances in all of your TV spots), you might add them to the sign (but consider switching out the dancing banana to something less… dancing banana-y). Only do this if the mascot has been used before and will continue to be used in the future. Think Geico gecko.

Don’t add flowers or other random graphics (unless you’re a flower shop) because those just take away from the meaning of the sign. Avoid handwritten signs on cheap material. It’s worth the investment to buy a quality sign that will last you for years to come.

If you’re paralyzed by sign options or don’t know how to start the design, give us a call. We’re happy to point you in the right direction.

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