Editorial Calendars and Why You Need One Right Now

Social media is hard—you have to be on your game and post regularly to keep your audience interested. But who has time to post every day or even every week? What do you even post if you do have time? An editorial calendar can make this daunting task into a… not-so-daunting task.

There are plenty of calendar templates for Word or Excel, or you can use an online calendar like Google Calendar. Whichever method you choose, try to plan out your social media posts at least a few weeks in advance. This will take pressure off you when it comes time to actually do the posting, because you’ll have material already prepared that you can just copy and paste.

Creating the calendar will not only help build your brand, but it will also help build awareness about your business. It’s an easy and free advertising method that also gives your audience a platform where they can freely express their love for your business by liking your posts. And if they really really love the content, then they will share the post and advertise for you.

Here are some topics and suggestions for posts you can start planning in your editorial calendar right away.

Trending Trendy Trends

Most social media platforms have weekly “themes” that you can piggyback on. You’ve probably seen your Facebook friends post Throwback Thursday pictures, and there are plenty of other topics for specific days—Manic Monday, Tie Tuesday, and Fedora Friday are some of our favorites.

These themes provide easy material for social media posts. For Tie Tuesday, all you have to do is post a picture of people in your office wearing ties (the goofier the better). Just make sure to add a #tietuesday to the post.

Plan these themed posts so that you do a different day each week. Maybe one week is Wednesday Wisdom (an image with an inspirational quote), and the next week is #Caturday (everyone who matters loves funny pictures of cats on a Saturday… or any day really).

Remind Followers to Remember

Does your business have scheduled annual events or sales? Use social media to remind them and build up hype. Start weekly reminders for your upcoming fundraiser event at least a month before the event, and bump up those reminders to a couple of times a week as the event gets closer.

A coupon or special sale is very social-media-worthy. If your followers care about saving money (why would you want them to follow you if they don’t?), share your 25% off coupon and remind them that it expires soon. Or post about one of the cool items or services that are on special this month only.

Savings and specials can provide weeks of posts that will really engage your audience, so plan posting about them in advance.

Holidays, Celebrations, and Awareness Months

There are plenty of nationally recognized months, weeks, and days. Search through lists of these to see which ones align with your business. For example, August is about Water Conservation, so if you sell high-efficiency dishwashers or showerheads, you can plan sales and social media posts to feature those.

Holidays are also an easy source of posts. Most people will “like” a post with a cool graphic wishing them a Happy Fourth of July or a Merry Christmas.


Hopefully you now have some ideas for social media posts and can start planning your editorial calendar. Creating the calendar can be a bit of work upfront, but it will make your life much easier in the long run, and your social media will be more effective. Having a planned purpose makes you look fresh and timely to your audience, which is what social media is all about.

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