Celebrities and the Power of Branding

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Kim Kardashian completely gave up social media? Or if Oprah started endorsing cheesy potato chip snacks as the next super health food? Can you imagine Donald Trump changing his hairstyle?

No. You can’t. Because these celebrities have created brands for themselves, and they stick to them. People who follow celebrities know exactly what they’re like: how they act, things they enjoy, which products they use or endorse. If celebrities go outside their brand, people have a hard time adjusting, and longtime fans might not be fans any more.

Take Katy Perry for example. She used to be a Christian singer, so you can bet her fans at the time were not pleased when she kissed a girl and liked it. A similar situation happened when Taylor Swift switched from country to pop; it took quite a bit of convincing for pop fans to come around to the fact that this country girl was singing in their genre.

The reason these celebrities garner so much attention is because they know how to create a brand and stay faithful to it. If their brand weren’t consistent, they wouldn’t be able to get any traction with the public. Bands don’t release albums with 12 different songs in 12 wildly different genres—an album like that would not connect with very many people or sell very well.

Your business is kind of like a celebrity, and it needs to be branded consistently in the same manner. If you use a different logo on your building from what you use in your newspaper ads, people won’t know what to look for when they come see you. If your brand has been historically funny and quirky, it’s going to be hard to pull off a heart-felt commentary in your TV commercial that resonates with your core audience.

In order to get your business up to celebrity status, you’ve got to create a brand and stick to it. If you don’t want to get your hands all dirty and sticky, Field Group can help you out, so give us a call.

These aren't sticky notes. We just have really sticky hands at FG.
These aren’t sticky notes. We just have really sticky hands at FG.

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