Branding Made Easier: Your Brand as a Person

Here at Field Group, we’re obsessed with brands. A company’s brand says so much about who they are, how they treat their customers, and what their passions are. Getting to know that brand helps you connect with the humans behind the business and makes it a joy to work with them.

But some brands aren’t so easy to get to know. They can be fickle, always changing their style, tone, and even their logo. This isn’t intentional (at least we hope not). Brands do this because they don’t really know who they are.

I’m giant. But I’m also a gummy bear. Who am I?!?!

That’s where the idea of brands as people can help. Think of your brand as a friend, relative, or TV show character. What words would they use, how would they dress, what car would they drive, and what would their hobbies be? Take the time to think about these questions, and you’ll often be able to relate your brand to a specific person. Maybe it’s your cousin Greg, your grandma Jean, or your 5th grade music teacher Ms. Troivanello.

What wouldn’t your brand do?

If your brand-person is a powerful New York lawyer, he’s probably not going to wear a Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops to the office. Brand-people who speak very casually will have some trouble pulling off seven syllable words in an email. Someone who is always happy and cheerful definitely wouldn’t paint every room in their house black.

The same things apply to your brand. Being consistent in all things (website, print ads, emails) means that your brand is one person. A character with multiple personalities doesn’t make for a very interesting movie plot twist, and it doesn’t help your brand either. Imagine trying to be friends with someone who has multiple personalities—you never know who you’ll get from day to day.


Does your brand need help finding out who it is? Shoot Field Group an email, and we’ll be happy to help.

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