Sarah and Jonathan attempt to assemble a coffeepot

Our coffeepot went on the fritz a few weeks ago. Good ole Mr. Coffee had never let us down before, but now he just beeped and beeped no matter how many times we pressed the “brew” button. All possible solutions having been exhausted, we caved and bought a new coffeepot.

Sarah came back with the new machine in hand. Thinking the hardest part would be opening the box, Jonathan brought some scissors into the kitchen to help.

The new machine came with a lot of instructions. There were no pictures. The intended audience of the instructions was clearly not people who hadn’t had their morning coffee. This was going to be rough.

About 30 minutes later, coffee was dripping peacefully into the pot. The smell of hope filled the air, and everyone was able to get work done just by inhaling it.

The pot was almost full when disaster struck. Let’s just say it looked almost exactly like this picture (I search-engined “coffee explosion”).

Maybe we should switch to tea.

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